Network Governance

Tourism is one of the only branches that needs an overview and that can not deal with only single elements (hotels, restaurants, transport, services, etc.). Going online and creating networks is more important in the tourist domain than any other and presents one of the main challenges of tourist destinations. The tourist literature defines the organization of different forms of cooperation and putting information online as fundamental. This leads to a high level of experience.
The quality of a journey is perceived as a unique experience, framing all the elements of the tourist production’s chain: from the research of information about the destination, the transport, the accommodation and at last the activities offered. The coordination between all the elements of an offer and the control of the quality are essential to stay competitive on the local and international market.
The theory defines the concept of “network governance” as a set of independent entities and societies, working together in a reliable environment to create a product or a service based on informal, implicit and open contracts. Nevertheless, the Network Governance offers an option to the harsh and weak performing structures