Our specific competences are:

Operations for entrepreneurs

Operations for entrepreneurs

Operations strategy – executive workshops

Destination governance

Destination governance on Amazon

Hotel Management

In a market that is constantly changing there is no room for improvisation. The management of the future has to take into consideration the new tendencies, discover new markets, ri-consider the production and the distribution, define innovative marketing strategies and invest in the capital intelligence.
The hotel consulting that we offer is tailor made for small and medium structures, often very vulnerable to changes and new trends in the market.
C2B is focusing on market studies, strategic and business plans, collaborative models, cooperation and integration of products. In the same time C2B is tailoring online communication, integrated marketing and promotion services. All our services have the objective of communicating a clear positioning, reaching the right target and differentiating the hotels we represent.

Online communities and WEB 2.0

The world of tourism communication has been changing dramatically in the past few years. People demonstrate the need to communicate more and more their experiences, build their own “scenario” of life, either on travel sites, blogs or social networks.
C2B supports the model of integrated communication among the official destination websites, private actors such as hotels, restaurants, ect and virtual platform of communication where the visitors can reflect upon their experiences in an open context. We developed a specific portal for this purpose : Justfriends – a virtual community of self-generated content that unlike the classic social networks such as facebook, twitter, etc. can be adapted to any kind of tourist product, guaranteeing in any moment a total autonomy and control.

Scientific research

Publications and conferences

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