Research, innovation and cooperation: the key factors for success.

MIT Lecture - sustainable operations

Prof. Loredana Padurean lecture at MIT in Sustainable Operations

Operations for entrepreneurs

A new exciting research project on “Operations for entrepreneurs” is being developed by Dr.Prof. Loredana Padurean, Lasell College and Dr.Prof. Charles Fine, MIT.

Successful lecture at USI Lugano in service management

! week intense course in Tourism Service Management at USI Lugano.

Workshop in operations and innovation at MAX HEALTH India

One Day Workshop on Operations for Entrepreneurs in Chandigharh, India at the MAX HEALTH CARE

Prof. Loredana Padurean at IGNITE INDIA

Watch prof. Padurean’s talk in India for IGNITE!

Workshop in operations and innovation at HERO Motorcycle India

One Day Workshop on Operations for Entrepreneurs at Gurgaon, India at the HERO Factory

Ticino Film Commission

Preparation of the Business model and the operational Business plan for the construction and the management during the start-up phase of a Film Commission in Ticino.

Regione Lombardia Carta Turistica Multifunzionale

Development of a feasibility study in order to identify the critical success factors of using a Carta Regionale dei Servizi (CRS) –Regione Lombardia– as a tourist’s card.

Centro Pro Natura Lucomagno

Tourism feasibility study in order to define the key points related to the sustainability of the global enhancement of the Centre Pro Natura Lucomagno.

Destination Governance Bosco Gurin

A case of success born from the collaboration between C2B and local actors in the Walser village of Bosco Gurin. An innovative platform of tourism organization based on the concept of Destination governance

Beijing Secrets Guide iPhone App

Riding the wave of success last year with its innovative travel guide «Vallemaggia the magic secrets», C2B Consulting has developed an iPhone application for Beijing.

Survey on transit tourism in Vallemaggia

Sample survey to better identify and understand the characteristics, the behavior and the expectations of the visitors of Vallemaggia.

Sessa goldmine feasibility study

Development of a feasibility study about Sessa goldmine. This project – which enjoys a broad consensus among tourism operators and Malcantone inhabitants – aims to evaluate the tourist exploitation of Sessa goldmine.

Corippo – structures of diffused hospitality

Preparation of an in depth operational study based on the feasibility study and the business plan for the construction of a diffused hotel in Corippo (Valle Verzasca) aimed to identify the key points related to the sustainability of the project.

Elia Frapolli

World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)

On April 14, 2010 C2B has been an official guest speaker at the 6th World Congress on Snow and Mountain Tourism in Andorra organized by the United Nation World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).

Thematic Trail in Brontallo

C2B Consulting has created and coordinated the implementation of a thematic trail that leads through the discovery of some of the curiosities of the village of Brontallo.

Marketing partner «Ristorante il Tartufo»

At the beginning of autumn 2010, C2B has become marketing partner of «Ristorante il Tartufo».

Ostello Montegreco - Feasibility study

feasibility study concerning the identification of the key points related to the sustainability of the construction of a hostel in Montegreco

Brontallo integrated communication

C2B, on behalf of the “Fondazione Monti e Paesaggio” and the “Associazione Pro Brontallo”, was in charge of the strategic communication, the integrated marketing and the destination management for Destination Brontallo.

"The Weltu's forest" tourism development

An innovative concept of tourist valorization of some oddities in the walser village of Bosco Gurin.

Hotel Walser

The base of our philosophy concepts consists in translating and adapting scientific concepts in operational solutions as the only way to stay competitive.

The magic secrets Innovation - Vallemaggia

This pilot project is born from a consultancy from and in partnership with C2B. It consists in an unusual and innovative guide that integrates in a single product a selection of places, activities and specificities of a valley of extraordinary beauty, the Maggia Valley.

Vallemaggia Turismo online marketing

C2B held a workshop-presentation based on a highly current topic for local tourist operators: the communication and the online marketing for small tourist/hotel structures.

Hotel Seminar

Executive workshops organized by prof. Loredana Padurean