Hotel Walser

The base of our philosophy concepts consists in translating and adapting scientific concepts in operational solutions as the only way to stay competitive. Our success in 2009 with the Hotel Walser in Bosco Gurin is one of the first applications of this credo. Hotel Walser in Bosco Gurin is our case study for the development of innovative solutions both in hotel management as in destination management.
The objective behind the model for HW was the re-launch on traditional markets (Ticino and central Switzerland), but mostly the introduction on new emerging markets. The mission of HW is to be more than just a good restaurant and hotel: is to create an integrated experience from every perspective.
The re-launch of Hotel Walser can be reached offering to the clients accommodation and activities in the destination that together complete the image and personality of Bosco Gurin, the image of an alpine paradise that offers an unforgettable experience.




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