Thematic Trail in Brontallo

As part of the consulting activity for the Mountains and Landscape Foundation and for the Pro Brontallo Association, C2B Consulting has created and coordinated the implementation of a thematic trail that leads, in a playful and didactic way, through the discovery of some of the curiosities of the village of Brontallo.
The basic idea behind the thematic trail is to valorize and make accessible a number of projects and interventions for the development of the territory that have been carried out in the past few years.
The trail unfolds through twelve stops each one identified by a dedicated sign. Each sign is made out of four different sections: an illustrative one, an informative one, one with directions (map) and a playful one dedicated to kids.
Thanks to this particular touristic product, adults and kids will be able to explore a territory characterized by a timeless atmosphere and in which tradition still lives.