World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)

6th World Congress on Snow and Mountain Tourism
On April 14th, 2010 C2B has been an official guest speaker at the 6th World Congress on Snow and Mountain Tourism in Andorra, organized by the United Nation World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), the most prestigious tourist organization in the world. Elia Frapolli did a presentation focused on “The small ski resorts of tomorrow: markets and structures” with a strong focus on the concept of Destination Governance implemented by C2B in Bosco Gurin: “The small ski resorts of tomorrow – Markets and structures. The case of Ticino & Bosco Gurin”.
The realization of Destination Governance’s concept, on which Loredana Padurean is working at an academic level, completely represents C2B’s philosophy: to translate and adapt theoretical concepts hailing from an academic world into operational and concrete solutions for people involved in the tourist branch.




Andorra 14.04.2010