References on Prof. Loredana Padurean's teaching

Dear professor

I have been meaning to send you this email for so long, but the summer has been flying by! I wanted to thank you for your class. I strongly believe that your class has been and will be the most essential and outstanding course I have/will take at Lasell College. I have come to realize that not a day goes by without thinking about one of your lectures, from waiting for an elevator at my condo, to the operations of opening a new child care center with my father. I have realized that you have taught me beyond the classroom environment. Suggestions I have made, based on material learned in your class, have already been implemented within my fathers company. I wanted to take the time to thank you for all of this, and being an inspiration to me. I hope to someday become as successful and accomplished as you!

Dear Professor,

Thank you for all the support and encouragement throughout the semester. When I enrolled for operations management course, everybody warned me that it is solely a number oriented course. The way you conducted the course by emphasizing more on operational aspects made the course very interesting. Personally, I believe, most of the MBA students need more orientation on these aspects covered in our course rather than dealing with just numbers. Also, the ethical part of the cases you discussed for Walmart and Katrina and IKEA, were very touching and educative, especially for students from developed countries who get very less chance to know about these socio economic aspects of corporate decisions.

Thank you again, Noushin

Professor Padurean,

Just wanted to let you know that I made a presentation today to Family Continuity based upon my group’s ops project and they loved it! They were very appreciative and asked a lot of questions. Just wanted you to know that good things are coming from your class, so thanks!

Dear Professor

You have truly brought so much warmth and charisma to Brandeis, and I feel very fortunate to have been able to experience your class and gain knowledge from you. Most importantly however, I am delighted to have been able to meet you, and I look forward to staying in touch post-business school.


I am thoroughly enjoying the content and the format of the course, and your “socratic” and interactive teaching methodology in particular. Having been a professor and in academia for over 2 decades, I am constantly trying to improve my own teaching methods by keenly observing colleagues and experts such as yourself.


Dear Loredana,

Thank you for an amazing class. I wasn’t particularly interested in the topic of Operations at first but you made it very interesting and I enjoyed your class very much. You are an amazing professor and whichever school you choose to continue your career they will be lucky to have you.

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“The course of research methods was a useful toll in order to conduct a proper paper/research. The course was based on the Student’s thesis project. The approach was the use of real case (student’s thesis), the analysis of the idea, identification of the thesis questions, planning of the structure and outcomes. Every student has to prepare a presentation of his dissertation’s proposal with: Purpose; design/methodology; Findings; Practical implications; Originality/value and key words. In my opinion was needed such a course in order to write a proper dissertation. Thanks to the course I was able to understand the importance of the literature review. I was able to recognize the difference between quantitative and qualitative methods, the importance of primary and secondary data. Another interesting point was the way of collecting data and the importance of preparing good surveys. Regarding the SPSS lesson that was presented by prof. M., I think it was not useful because we done it in a couple of hours and it was too short. Was just an introduction to the SPSS program without a real explication of it. My suggestion for future are: To do the course in one of the first two semesters and improve the time dedicate to SPSS. Gianmaria“

“I know Loredana Padurean since September 2007. In this years she has became one of the best teachers I have ever known.
Last year, in the spring semester I have followed her “Research methods” course. In few weeks I have been able to manage most of the research techniques she has presented. This achievement is mainly due to the way she has presented her course. For every topic, after a short theoretical framework, she has given us the time to understand the method and to become familiar with it, under her constant tutorial.
This year I’ve had the opportunity of following her course in Lucca. I have been impressed by her capacity of keeping high the attention of the students. The lessons were extremely entertaining and dynamic. The students were continuously challenged to apply immediately the concept just taught.
A month ago, I saw her as a special guest for a session (6h) of integrated marketing communication specially prepared for a visiting MBA class from Athens University of Economics and Business. I was truly impressed by her capacity of keeping high the attention of the students for all the 6 hours. Few theoretical concepts have been presented and, thanks to presentation of extremely interesting examples, have entered into the way of thinking of the students. The use of videos, pictures and guests have made the entire day not only interesting but also extremely enjoyable.
Moreover, she has shown to be very charismatic. She was moving from one side to the other of the classroom, asking to the students to apply immediately the theoretical concepts and joking with them in order to keep at the maximal levels them attention.
Timo MT 2006-2008

“I attended the course on Research Methods held by Loredana Padurean in the last semester of my master program in International Tourism at the University of Lugano. This course was introduced in order to give us the theoretical framework and methods needed for writing our master’s thesis.
The structure of the course was very clear and organized: it started with the different approaches that can be used to plan a research project, followed by a description of the possible methods and their appropriate implementation, with a special focus on qualitative and quantitative methods. The course combined teaching and exercises in class; together with my classmates we did some group works and at the end of the course we had to present our own research project and then discuss it with the class.
The lecturer, being an active researcher in the field, provided us with helpful insights and examples applied to tourism and hospitality, which was extremely important for us as our master theses covered this topic. This was the aspect I appreciated the most from the course: the fact of being able to learn not only important concepts from the theory but also being stimulated to apply it to the field of my personal interest. The lecturer’s ability to present is excellent and, as I mentioned before, she motivates the students to interact and stimulates the interest in the subject. The didactic material was adequate and the lecturer was prepared for every single class.
During my long career as a student I faced many times courses where I just had to listen or take notes from the slides but this course was different. Personally, the interaction and the ability of the lecturer to catch my attention, stimulate my thinking and open my mind to the interesting and complex world of research played a major role in succeeding with my master thesis and then in the important decision of applying for a PhD position. To conclude, my evaluation of the course on Research Methods and of the lecturer is more than positive and I believe that what I learned will be very important for my future career.” Enrica


“Dear teacher, I can say that from my point of view the course and his content have been really interesting and important. I graduate in Pisa in LETTERE MODERNE and thanks to the course I had the possibility to be closer to the service sector that for me is totally new. I can say that I really learnt useful things that I can use also for others subjects and that can help me to think better when we speak about some arguments, I think you gave us some instruments to study and examine destinations and other point of tourism sector. I also really liked your interactive way of teaching and the way you relate it to students, you have the ability to teach in a way that make us remembering and learning the focal points when we are in the class. I am not saying these things just because I have to say something or because I want to be nice, I really think your classes, they have been really efficient and I really like the way you teach. Cari saluti,

“Dear professor, I find your course very interesting and important for my professional future. It was also interesting because the arguments are very contemporary and the examples are real. Managing concrete facts make a better understanding.
Your qualities both as a professor and a woman are very good, from human and professional point of views you are like a “role model” to follow.
At the beginning, I found the Swiss way of teaching a little complicated, because you interact so much with us and we are used to lecturing, but I immediately understand its utility because it stimulates my attention and my participation at lesson. Your relation with us is very good, and I like your positive feedbacks. “

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I still remember what la Professoressa told us: “Being first helps. If not, create a new category”. These words are encouraging to everyone of us who wants to be innovative.

I found very interesting the BMW Films case study and the new trend of advertainment. The interactive entertainment is a new world of business and Ms. Padurean helped me realize that online films can create revenue for a multinational company.

I liked the initiative of collaborating with other seminar participants in small groups in order to analyze the sustainable competitive advantage of one favorite product. This initiative was remarkably interactive.

Prof. Padurean was very well organized and this helped her to manage presenting a lot of material in just a few hours. I, personally, consider the seminar’s content as a very good summary and review of known concepts, theories and principles, perhaps I would prefer it to be a bit more “scientific”. Regarding the material (slides) used in the seminar, it was very useful, insightful and interesting, although I would prefer to have it from the beginning of the seminar, so that I don’t get distracted trying to keep notes.

The content presented in the seminar was not really “new” to us, however, Prof. Padurean’s presentation and especially the lively discussion that she facilitated and encouraged throughout the seminar, made us realize the material better and especially realize and appreciate their usefulness even more in everyday business life.
We thank Prof. Padurean for this study experience and I wish that all our professors followed her teaching style and approach.

Loredana, if you ask for my opinion, I’m really in the pleasant position to let you know that your teaching skills are superb, to the point that I consider it given that next year (February or March 2011) we’ll do this seminar again (provided, of course, that you’ll be available and willing to deliver it again for us). I even consider delivering the same seminar to other relevant groups / audiences comprised of graduate students from other AUEB masters programs (other than our own Master in Services Management (full-time) program). Thank you!

I found the seminar extremely interesting and interactive. I reckon this experience as one of my best during my academic life as a student. I have to confess that I was positively flabbergasted at Professor Padurean’s performance!


“Students achieve excellence only when pushed outside of their comfort zones; Loredana Padurean has the gift of doing exactly this. From the first moment in her classroom, high expectations of students are clearly established. In return, she maximizes the value of each session through a focused, professional, relevant and interactive classroom. The output of my fellow students on their projects reflects talents and skills that only [Loredana/Ms. Padurean] is able to unleash. Receiving her praise is like gold, as her standards are exceedingly high; and yet she finds the best in students’ work, helping them realize their potential. For me, she provided me as much knowledge during one semester as I gained “on the job” in online media during eight years.
Outside of the classroom—at the university and in the local community—[Ms. Padurean] is deeply respected for her driven nature and ability to inspire change. As USI, she leads a forum for students to voice their opinions about the quality of their education, demonstrating her commitment to the future of our field. In the community, she helped a small village create their own governance board, repairing the communication that had been broken for decades, or perhaps even centuries. Personally, Loredana Padurean serves as a role model. She has given me the opportunity to follow in her footsteps somewhat—to get involved and to learn the operations of the university— all while allowing me to contribute my own insights. And indeed, just as she does in class, she has lured me outside of my comfort zone, where I strive to perform and, without a doubt, flourish.”